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We are proud to offer those in the snow plowing and ice management industry, company web sites! We know how to build a web site for those companies in this business. Beware of cheap hosting companies! They often host your site for a cheap price, because the add frames to the top or bottom (or both) of all the pages of your site that have banner ads to earn them income at your web site visitors expense (and yours!). Frames reduce the page viewing area dramatically, especially on a 15" monitor. A web site should be easy for the visitor to navigate, and view. Pages should be optimized to load quickly. Studies show that a few years ago, 8 seconds was the average amount of time a visitor would wait for a page to load. With all the cable modems in today's world, visitors now wait an average of only 4 seconds for a page to display before moving on! We don't want to divulge all our secrets, but rest assured we know all the tips and tricks to make your site visitor friendly, visually appealing, and to help get it listed in the top search engines. At this time, we are offering two different options for those who want to take their companies "online".

1. Site Package:
Your own .com address, registered by you at Register.com
10 MB of space on our server
Up to 10 web pages to highlight your services
Up to 20 images that you provide us in digital format
Up to 5 e mail addresses @your.com that will automatically forward to any e mail address you specify.
Page counters on each page, so you know where your visitors are going.
Registration with the top 5 internet search engines.
Unlimited links on your site
Custom 404 error message to let visitors know they are still on your site.

$180, paid annually, to host and edit / maintain your web site.
$100 one time fee to design and set up your site
Additional images are $5.00 each if we have to scan them, $2 each if you provide them to us in digital format.
Custom graphics we design are $25 each
Animated images we design are $40 each
Electronic Forms: $75 one time set up fee. (results are e mailed to you)
Clip art - free
Your entire web site backed up on a compact disc - free
Mailing List - to keep your customers updated with newsletters - free (You must supply us with the addresses to add. For an additional fee we can set up a short form to have subscribers added automatically.)

Examples of Option #1:




2. Online Business Card
Your site will be hosted on our site, meaning the address to your site will be:
Up to 3 MB of space on our site
Up to 5 images total
One (1) E mail address (@Snowplowing-Contractors.com) that will forward to any e mail address you specify.

$50 One time design fee
$25 per year for editing and maintenance of your pages
Additional images are $5.00 each if we have to scan them, $2 each if you provide them to us in digital format.
Custom graphics we design are $25 each
Animated images we design are $40 each
Additional web pages are $10 each per year
Additional e mail addresses (@Snowplowing-Contractors.com) are $5 each per year
Electronic Forms: $50 one time set up fee.
Clip art - free

*(Additional fees may apply for certain procedures, features, and add-ons not listed above.)

Examples of Option #2:





More information about company web sites - Here.




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