If you provide Snow Plowing & Ice Removal Services, please use this form to register your Snow Plowing and or Ice Removal company with us. 

Reports are coming in from all over the USA how customers found Contractors here!


"I need to thank you for your work on the site. I got an e mail from an interested party and hopefully will gain the account. It was from a management company that seems to be hard to target, so it really helps that I was listed with other professionals."

Doug Obryan
Obryan Grounds Maintenance
Stow, Ohio
"Speaking of registering... 
After our last snow storm I got a call from a property manager in VA looking for someone to do some snow work about a half hour from me. They found me through the Directory listing at Since I knew another contractor who lives close to that site, I referred the work to him & he did it.

Bill Gallagher
Big River Landscaping 
Somerset, New Jersey

"I got three calls in one week. I asked them where they got my number, and they all said on the web in a plowing directory. This is the only one I am listed in."

Andy Smith
AC Landscaping
West Orange, NJ

"Thanks, Chuck Smith & Snowplow Contractor Network,

Got a call last night. Guy identified himself and I thought the name sounded familiar. He wanted me to plow his two local properties in another town. He's in a ski resort north of here and will be here tomorrow. He says absolutely no hurry as they're both vacant, whenever I get to them and wants to have me put them on my list for the rest of this year and next. Just get him enough room to park tomorrow, then finish up whenever. Went and checked them out. He wasn't all that concerned with cost, just wanted them done. Since this is about 12 miles away and there are plenty of trucks with plows around, I asked how he got referred to me. Found me on the Internet and the only place I'm listed is in The Directory.

Went over and plowed them today. Also, going to use this as a base for expansion.

Thanks again Chuck."

Mick Smith
Mick's Snow & Ice Management
Palermo, Maine


The cost is $25.00 per year for a listing. You will not be listed until payment is received.

Primary Business 

Company Name (Or Individual Name If Not A Company)

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Company Street  Address

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Postal Zip Code

Company Phone Number (Please include area code)

E Mail Address

Website address if you have one.

Quote to add with your listing (example: "Serving the Detroit area for 25 years")

Where did you hear about

Equipment Info:

What brand of Plows do you own/use the most?

What make of trucks do you own/use the most?

What brand salt spreader do you own/use the most?

Where do you buy plow parts and accessories the most?


Services Offered: (Please check all that apply)




Municipal (Highways & Roads)

Parking Structure Clearing (Parking Decks, etc.)

Sidewalk Clearing

De-Icing / Sanding Services

Loader Service (For stacking snow on site)

Snow Removal Service (As in loading it into a truck and removing it)

24 Hour Service

Service Available 7 Days A Week

Seasonal Contracts 

Seasonal Pricing (One price for the entire season, if it snows or not)

1 Time Emergency Plowing (No Contracts Involved)

1 Time Emergency De-Icing Services (No contracts involved)

We Carry Liability Insurance (& Have a Certificate To Prove It)

We are a member of S.I.M.A.  (Snow and Ice Management Association) 


Currently it is $25 per year to list your Snow and Ice Removal Company in our directory.


*I personally add all listings to the Directory. It is not automatic. I review each one myself. This is not a fulltime job for me. Sometimes it can take as long as a week for me to have time to add a listing, especially from October - April which means 18 hour days in the shop.


After you submit this form, you need to submit payment in the amount of $25.00. When we receive payment, your company will be added.  Remember, if your competition is listed, and you aren't you better get registered to remain competitive. We all need an "edge" in this market, and this directory just might be the winning edge!


After you submit the form, you have two payment options.

1. Pay Pal or Credit Card (via Pay Pal)

2. Check or Money Order


At the very end of your listing you will see the expiration date. Mark your calendar.

You can renew your listing here.


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