Replacing Excavator Bucket Teeth

Alan is at it again.....

The old shanks were worn so bad that the pins retaining the teeth would shear off. The old ones used the two part pin with a rubber center like I am used to seeing on TLBs. The new ones use a round pin with a groove that snaps into a steel split ring placed inside a counter bore in the shank. I think they will hold up much better.

The old shanks were small enough that it was easier to wash them off than it was to try to gouge out the welds. With a big cutting tip they were gone in about an hour and ground clean to receive the new ones. While I had it here I did a little hard facing on the edge and up the side plates. Would have done more but I was out of hard face rod and rain was threatening. At some point I have to take a portable welder on site to do some repairs on both the excavator and a JB 450 dozer. As long as I'll be into a days rental on a machine I'll add to the hard facing on this while I'm there.

The white box behind the bucket is the suitcase feeder for my Snap-On MM140 MIG Unit. I used that for the root pass on the shanks, using flux cored wire. There was some filling to do on the root pass and the wire was easier to control in that application. With that pass as a preheat I switched to 7018AC (5/32) and ran passes as needed. The Lincoln 225 doesn't have a real correct setting for 5/32 7018, 150 amps is just a little cold and 175 (both according to the dial, which I don't believe) is just a bit too hot for best results.





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