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Gopher simplifies the task of scheduling jobs and billing your customers. Simply set up your jobs at the beginning of each season and let Gopher handle the rest.  With Gopher, you can print out a list of scheduled jobs for each day and then automatically print invoices after those jobs have been completed. You can download a free 30 day Trial Version.

Security is important!
Monitor your yard, office, shop, or home with this great security camera system!

 America’s #1 Wireless Security System: ONLY $99.99 (reg. $200)!


 Eastwood Body Tools & Supplies - FREE Shipping


Get your own web site! Just type the name you would like in the text box below, check off the extension(s) you are interested in, and see if your domain name is available for you to register. It is that simple. You do not need to include the www. part, just type the name you want minus the "www." Once you register your domain, we sincerely appreciate your consideration in selecting to host your site on our server. For pricing info, send us an e mail.

.com .net .biz .info .org .tv .cc .ws .ca .de .jp .ro .be .fm .ms .tc .ph


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National Gardening Association


 Mosquito Plants to deter pesky mosquitoes the natural way!


  A Birds World - Incredible Savings on Garden and Wild Bird Products 


 No garden space? No problem! Find window boxes at


 Weatheraffects - for the best weather stuff on the net! They have a unique collection of thermometers, barometers, books, videos, tools for home and garden, science tools for children, and gifts for the fans of weather. 


 Wind & Weather - Wind & Weather has been the recognized leader in consumer weather instrument sales for over 25 years. Our wide array of weather stations, barometers, thermometers, rain gauges, wind and humidity meters and gadgets for outdoor living appeal to weather watchers, gardeners, outdoorsmen, pilots, sailors and anyone who is curious about their natural surroundings. We also have a distinctive collection of decor for the yard and garden, including weathervanes, sundials, garden sculpture, wind chimes, wildlife habitat, whimsical yard art, fountains and much more. 


Garden Decorations - The perfect finishing touches for a beautiful landscape or garden. Sun Dials, Weather Vanes, Mailboxes, Bird Baths, Heavy Brass Signs, and more! Offer these items to your customers, and rise above the competition!


  Thousands of Stickers at  The Stickiest Site on the Web

 Used plows, plow parts and accessories, and  A LOT more! Just type in a search word and go. Have any plow parts to sell? List them on E Bay.

  Click here for your favorite eBay items


Is your computer slow? Speed it up with more RAM! I got a great deal on memory from They had my memory here the next day, via Fed Ex, and it was still cheaper than any place else.
RAM from
Plus, Crucial is the company that invented SDRAM. You can't go wrong.
It took me less than 5 minutes to add 256 MB of RAM to my laptop.
Now it flies with 328 MB. Thanks Crucial!


Need metal for your own project or repair? You can get it here. Steel, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless, even plastics. Available in round, flat stock, angles, sheets, tubular, box steel, just about any metal you could ever want. The best part, is it comes right to your door via UPS!



Is your plow truck rusty? Need some body parts, repair panels, or even lights and safety items? The you want to check out JC Whitney, and get a FREE catalog. Over 55,000 parts! There's not much they don't carry, or can't get.
JC Whitney - Everything Automotive

Wells Cargo Trailers A complete line of landscape trailers, and enclosed trailers in many sizes.

GMC Trucks For Work - a new site GM has for GMC work trucks

Snow & Ice Management Association

De Icers

Salt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about sodium chloride

Using Deicers Correctly

This guy knows his stuff!!!

Deicing Chemicals

More from Henry K.




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