"Viking 9' plow. Poly moldboard, bottom trip edge utilizing a slab of Polyurethane for the hinge. The angle cylinders have 2" pistons!

After practicing a few times, the plow goes on and off in less than 5 minutes, with little physical effort. You pull the top pin to the lift cylinder, rotate it upside down, slip a pad over the end and re-pin it, the cylinder becomes the parking jack. Pretty slick operation."

"Weight is one area where I'm disappointed. It came in about 1500 lbs over what we had calculated it to be, tare weight is 11,500 without the screens and plow. I can still only carry 3 yards of material legally.

Those are the new Whelen LEDs, they're in the front corners of the cab protector, one on the back of the cab protector, and one on each rear side corner for backing into the street and intersections.
I thought I had a photo of the pump, but must have filled up the camera. I'll get one tomorrow. There's a new plate that mounts both the alternator and pump, the pump is between the alternator and air box, driven by dual v belts with a spring idler for tension. It is tight, but looks like it belongs. Let me know what other views you'd like, I'll try to get them if the light holds tomorrow.

A lot of planning and legwork went into this thing, I've got a few more tricks I want to add when time permits.

Tarrant will install the package for around $25,000 on your chassis, or they can supply the complete vehicle. Everyone, please, PRAY FOR SNOW!!!

The plow would result in a $4777.00 credit if deleted. You've got to see this thing in person to appreciate how sturdy it is. I've never mounted a Fisher plow, so I can't compare. It is physically easier to mount than my old Diamond Uni-mount though.

To mount:
1. Drive into mounting rails (getting lined up is the hardest part of this procedure).
2. Release 4 spring loaded hitch pins.
3. Relocate lift cylinder (used as parking jack).
4 Connect 3 hydraulic quick connects.
5. Make light connections (2 plugs).


"As promised, the pump mount. I compared it with my '01, what they have done is replace the aluminum Ford bracket for the alternator and p/s pump with a steel plate that shifts the alternator to the center a few inches, which makes room for the pump. It has 2 V belts which are tightened by a tensioner, you can just see the bearing nut at the apex of the bend in the radiator hose."

"Close up of the hydraulic connections. Lighting plugs remain tucked behind the grill until needed.
I took this picture at ground level attempting to show the subframe, but you can see how little is exposed. If you look closely, you can see 2 of the hitch pins I mentioned earlier."

"This will be subcontracted to the Highway Dept., which is why I went this route. It will also sand/salt my other accounts when released by the Town."

"I'm not sure I saved anything supplying the truck! I got the chassis at invoice cost and was able to equip it as I wanted it, and in my color choice. Then I brought it home and "Pelicanized" it with the red frame and chassis components before I took it to Tarrant. This also allowed me to take advantage of Ford's current financing deals. Tarrant's out the door price on the XL model is very close to invoice cost on the chassis.

Here's the truck on its way to Tarrant:

"While it may seem extravagant for a plow truck, 9 months of the year it's my field office and a representation of my business. We've seen a population growth of at least 50% here in the last 5 years, these people are moving in to new developments where the homes start at $450,000; I want their business. I'm negotiating now with a potential client who opened the conversation with, "We saw your trucks in the area." This account will break me into a neighborhood of $600,000 homes. I've been marketing myself on quality and custom service and I feel having clean, attractive equipment is a step towards affirming my commitment to the customer.

The warning lights are Whelen programmable LEDs, there are 2 on the front leading corners of the cab protector, 1 larger unit on the rear of the bulkhead, and one on each side of the rear of the dump body. All were installed by Tarrant. When I contracted the truck, we discussed Tarrant blowing out the holes in the hitch plate for my trailer plugs, a 6 pin and 7 pin. They have a computerized plasma cutter and said it would be no problem while it was on the table. I would install the plugs at a later date. To my surprise, they had installed and wired the plugs, with an inline breaker box no less. Great people to deal with!"


"I had asked about making the conveyor reversible, but I guess it creates other problems that would be cost prohibitive to fix. Tarrant offers a chute for the front discharge that you can roll a wheelbarrow under and fill. It doesn't seem to like stone though, I tried running item 4 through it but the stones get caught under the chain and gouge the poly liner. It will handle mulch and soft materials, plus fine materials like sand and screened topsoil.

I'm working with Tarrant to develop a second plate to cover the conveyor chain for use while raising the side dump. Currently the hinged plate can not be used, it will bend if the side dump is raised. With the plate up, your material falls out through the passage for the conveyor chain with the body raised."

Here's a rear shot:



I would like to thank Steve for allowing me to add the details of his great new truck to my web site for all of us to enjoy (and drool over)

Thanks Steve!

~Chuck Smith






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