This truck belongs to Steve from Pelican. Along with the photos he tells us more about it.

"Some of you have figured out from my posts that I've been planning on a new truck this season. Last week I picked up my "Snowfighter" from Tarrant Manufacturing. I bought my own cab & chassis and took it to them to be fitted with their stainless steel combination sander/dump body. They also fitted a Viking Snow King polyurethane plow.

The truck is an '02 Ford F-550 XLT with the Powerstroke Diesel and 6 speed transmission. Other goodies are plow prep, towing package and limited slip rear.

I also got a couple options from Tarrant, the roll up tarp and the top screens for the sander. Tarrant was great to work with and customized my truck to my specs as far as paint color and interior layout goes. They also built my hitch plate to my specs and a couple other minor mods to the dump body."

Here it is ready for snow:

"The top screens slide over one another when the side body is tipped."

"Here the adjustable flow gate allows sand to drop on the
mid-mounted spinner via a driver's side conveyor."

"The driver's side conveyor chain built into the dump floor.
Note the hinged plate folded up on the side wall"

"Hinged plate lowered over conveyor for materials hauling"

"Truck in "summer" trim. Screens & spinner removed, plow off."



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