My Stainless Steel V plow I made.

My V plow I made, and mounted on an old Wheel Horse tractor. The tractor had a 4hp Kholer on it. I swapped on an 8hp Briggs & Stratton. The tractor moves topsoil, gravel, and snow very well. The V plow I made has a stainless steel moldboard. (In it's previous life, it was a Western stainless steel salt spreader hopper. Long story, don't ask!). I have a straight "dozer" blade I made for dirt and gravel, and another straight blade, which I can manually angle for snow plowing also, with a rubber cutting edge. The rubber edge is actually a section of tread from an old polyester belted car tire. The moldboard is a 1/2 section of a 35 gallon steel drum. The radius I opened, because it was not tall enough to plow well. I can angle it right, left, or straight. The V plow I designed to do narrow long walkways, in deep snow. The enclosure I made for it is far from "air tight", but it keeps me dry, and out of the wind. The windshield is an old storm door window from my mother's house. The back window is also a storm window from an old screen door. Both are plexiglass. The plow mounts to the tractor frame behind the front wheels, in fact, almost in the center between the front and rear axles. The old plow I have, was mounted on the front axle, but it made steering hard, and caused the front wheels to lift off the ground.


View from the operator's position


A better view from the operator's position.
I had to remove the shifter knob, because it hit the motor and stopped me from getting in all the gears.


Front view. You can see I overlapped the ends of the rubber blade. This is to get the edge up tight against curbs.


Top view of the mounting bracket I designed. The moldboard top extensions are 1/8" plate aluminum. There is no real stress on that part, so aluminum is holding up well.


Here's a shot of the cab I made for it last year. I used pieces of an old boat canvas, complete with zipper open soft plastic windows. There is only 1 door, on the driver's side. I can take the cab off by removing 4 bolts. The engine exhaust is routed out the rear of the tractor, using "black pipe".


I mounted a pair of old BMW rotors on the rear rims to act as ballast, and increase traction. The tires are so old and hard, they don't hold air, but they sure don't look flat, or flex AT ALL! The front tires are also filled with liquid calcium. This was done before I got the tractor. It was owned by a municipality at one time, and they did it. The rear tires are BF Goodrich Silvertown Power Grip Garden Tractor tires. The fronts are Goodyear 2 ply Super Rib.

Need metal for your own project or repair? You can get it here. Steel, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless, even plastics. Available in round, flat stock, angles, sheets, tubular, box steel, just about any metal you could ever want. The best part, is it comes right to your door via UPS!


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