Meyer E-47 Plow Pump Pics

Here are some pics of parts of an E-47, actually a few different E-47's.

First is the sump base:

The above Meyer E-47 came into my shop ( as part of another problem (plow broke into 2 pieces) and while it was in they wanted me to replace the seal on the lift ram. You can see the O Ring seal is hard, brittle, and broke into pieces. There is also quite a bit of rust inside.

Looking inside the fluid tank, you can see the suction filter screen fell off, and is just laying in the bottom of the sump. You can also see the milky fluid in the base. This pump was loaded with water.

You can see some of the gunk laying in the bottom of the sump, which is below the drain plug level. Just draining and changing the fluid will never get it out. There is even more deeper in the base below the lift cylinder.


Here is another E-47 that came into my shop ( for a rebuild. You can see the bits of teflon tape on the pump suction screen, as well as some blue RTV silicone sealant.

Again, in the above pic you can see the milky fluid that is loaded with water. There was a lot of rust in this pump.

When I tried to remove the motor, I found that a previous owner had used RTV silicone sealer to seal the motor to the pump. Bad idea. The carbon brushes were gone, and you can see the dust piled up on the mounting plate which is normally removed with the motor. You can also see the bronze bushing for the motor shaft. It is common to have an occasional problem of the motor seizing due to rust on the motor shaft where it rides on the bushing. Some 400 grit sandpaper will remove the rust. A small dab of grease on the shaft during reassembly will help prevent it in the future. I just installed a new motor the other day, and it was not lubed at all, right out of the box. Bronze is porous, and will absorb oil/grease. It gets better.....

There is a weep hole in the front of the pump, and the back. It's main purpose is to let out any water that might get in the motor. The second reason is if the pump shaft seal leaks, you will see oil leaking out these holes to alert you to the problem. Here, the previous owner sealed the holes with... you guessed it, RTV silicone.


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Meyer E-47 Pump Pics


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Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD

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