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We have a Snowplowing Contractors Directory to help homeowners and property owners find a snow plowing contractor in their area. We have a Directory of Snow Plow Dealers & Snow Plow Suppliers, so Snow Plowing Contractors can find additional sources for equipment parts, equipment services, and equipment. There is a form here for Snow Plowing & Ice Removal Contractors to register their snow & ice removal companies in our online Snow Plowing Contractor Directory.  There is also a form here for Snow Plow Dealers and snow plow parts suppliers, and de-icer suppliers to register their companies. 

 We plan to do all we can in the future at this site to educate those who perform snow plowing and ice removal operations, as well as the home owners, property managers, and businesses that use their services.  Our goal is to make this site the BEST snow plowing contractor education and resource site on the web. We also have a Snow Plowing Contractor Discussion Forum here. We hope our Forum becomes the #1 place professional Snow Plowing Contractors gather on the internet.

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Think of our Snowplowing Contractor Directory as a "service provider guide" for homeowners, property owners, site managers, etc. As well as a "yellow page" listing for snow plowing contractors. You can think of this site as a Snow Plowing Contractor "school" on the web. Our - Discussion Forums are a great place to learn from your peers, help out, and share stories. There are also plenty of pictures of plows, trucks, and equipment.

Please also read our Legal Disclaimer.

I hope you all will consider registering in our Directories, and joining our FREE Snow Plowing Discussion Forums now! 

~Chuck Smith
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What's New

2-27-12 We have been busy adding items to our new online store



                    Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it all...


Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC - All NEW (July 2011) ATV Plow! Available in 50", 60" and 72" widths. - A NEW (March 2011) Hydraulic unit made for Meyer by Monarch, that
comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY when purchased as part of a complete new plow system! - A new site we put together featuring information on all Meyer
V Plows including the EZ Vector, SuperV and SuperV2.


We uploaded 3 new videos to YouTube:

Video - Removing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Video - Assembling the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Video - Installing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve


8-2-10 Meyer Plow Pump Diagrams and Parts Lists


7-21-10 Check out The Home Plow By Meyer - A new plow for homeowners!

6-27-10 We added two new pages to
E-57H Diagram of visible parts      Old Meyer Plow Pump Identification Pictures and Info


6-4-10 Meyer Plow Mount Identification Diagrams - Not sure what model your mount is? Look here.

6-2-10 Smith Brothers Services - Pre-season Plow & Spreader Specials

3-30-10 Pics of the NEW plows Meyer released for 2010! Lot Pro Stainless, a 7.5' V Plow, and a 10.5' V Plow!

2-7-10 Removing Snapped off E-60 Motor Bolts NEW

7-5-09 Updated the Meyer Snow Plow Coil & Valve page.

Meyer C Valve fits E-47, E-57, and E-60 Meyer plow pumps

Buy a NEW

Meyer C Valve $64.99

Made in the USA. Replaces OEM Part#15381

Ships Priority Mail from New Jersey

Flat Rate $5.45

Meyer plow pump C Coil fits E-47, E-57, and E-60 plow pumps

Buy a NEW

Meyer C Coil $24.99

Made in the USA.

Ships Priority Mail from New Jersey


6-30-09 Skinning a Meyer C-8 Snow Plow

6-16-09 We uploaded 5 video clips to You Tube. They are a teaser for the complete video we will have
in our store late summer / early fall. We also will have our Rebuilding a Meyer E-47 video there too.

Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 1 Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 2
Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 3 Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 4
Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 5  


5-19-09 We added 2 Videos to YouTube explaining and showing how to flush your Angle Rams.

Flush Angle Rams Part 1    
Flush Angle Rams - Part 2

11-22-08 Can't find a replacement moldboard for your ST Series Meyer?
Smith Brothers built an ST-78 for a customer with an antique Jeep. They also stock moldboard parts!

10-18-08 Is your moldboard rusted out? Maybe this is what you need: Skinning A Meyer Plow

Pump Rebuilding Pics

Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 off eBay    Rebuilding an E-47 Step by Step

4/29/08 Meyer has redesigned their C Series Plows. They are now the Lot Pro. Check them out here.

8/16/07  CGSI became a Sponsor.

7/12/07 Diagnostic Tools for Meyer Snow Plow Pumps

5-20-07 We added a lot of pics of Meyer Plow repairs and info over on our other site.

Here is a plow that came in with the Sector separated from the A Frame & Another ready to break

11/10/03 - Discussion Forums!


Trade Magazine Articles Written By Chuck Smith:

Snow Business Feb. 2003 Issue - What Are Snow Pushers?

Snow Business May 2003 Issue - End Of Season Plow Maint.

Snow Business May 2003 Issue - 10 Tips For Building a Company Web Site

1/25/03 Loading Bulk Salt Using A Grain Auger

1/25/03 Tailgate Salter Dump Door

1/23/03 Fabricating & Installing A Screen In A Single Stage Tailgate Salter


9/9/01 Alan's Homemade Bed - It's done! 


Snowplowing Newsletter
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Last Issue - February 17, 2002

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My Snowplowing Discussion Forum  is the place to "network" and learn from others in the snow plowing business,
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