Alan's Front Bumper

Alan fabricated his own mount for a Sno Way plow, and took it a step further, and also made his own heavy duty front bumper. The truck is a single rear wheel 1988 Chevy K3500. All of the descriptions below are in his own words.

"I finally got measurable headway on the plow mount/bumper for the "Joisey Devil". The upper mount is centered on a 4x4x3/8" HSS tube which bolts into the frame with 1/2" plates and a handful of bolts on each side. When this is complete it will all be hidden under a fabricated bumper, just waiting for the first dweeb to cut too close at a corner. "

"The lower mount points are set up to be removable, either for ground clearance in the summer or to allow access to the steering box when the pitman arm needs changing. I very nearly missed this thought and set out to make everything one piece, which would have been hell to get on and off. The lower mounts are on a cross bar of 3x3x1/2" angle. All the mount points are 3/8" plate, as opposed to the stock frames which are only 1/4" and tend to "jug out" the holes after a few seasons."

"The only thing remaining on the mount is to get the braces installed from the lower mount back to the frame crossmember. These will be 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 3/8" angle, tied into a weldment that fits under. and against the front of the crossmember. I wish there was something more substantial under there to hitch to, but with the IFS there's not really a lot of frame anywhere up front."

"THIS welder is trying to avoid working in the nasty heat we've been having. But I'm slowly coming along on the bumper. The shell is 3/16" plate, bent to a close copy of the factory bumper profile."

"The only place the new bumper looks radically different is at the ends. It is out a bit further than stock and I closed off the raw ends with more 3/16" plate. This still needs to be trimmed and blended so that it will look decent. No bracing in yet for the ends either, so right now it won't take much of a hit on the corners. The bracing will tie into the same places that the whole mount/bumper bolts to the frame. The braces will need to be bolted into the bumper. I very nearly got stupid and welded braces in place (on the bumper end) and then (luckily) realized it would be impossible to remove the whole thing from the truck if I did that."

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