Alan's Truck Body Build Up

Here is Page 4 of Alan's latest build up. 
A new bed for an S-10.

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Picture 19 - Here the body was back off the truck and getting ready for paint. Putty and paint makes the fabricator what he ain't! The panels had warped a little from welding so it took a little filler to smooth things back out.


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Picture 20 - Self etching primer on the underside. At the rear (closest to the camera) is the heavy framing to guarantee that the bumper and hitch will stay in one piece when I unleash the power of the 4.3 when I'm called on to unstick a Ford.


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Picture 21- A little more filler to smooth out the weld seams between the corner posts and the bumper.


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Picture 22 - Here is the extended plates that go along the frame from the spreader mount points to transfer the load from the extreme rear of the frame. Probably overkill, but with 700 lbs hanging off the rear it can't hurt.

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Picture 23 - Hitch sleeve and related bracing and safety chain hook points. To the left of the hitch is the top half of the box that will hold plugs for the spreader and pull plow. When the bottom of the box is bolted on and sealed it should protect the plugs from both impact and water.

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