Alan's Truck Body Build Up

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A new bed for an S-10.

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Picture 13 is the trailer shield again, this time with the cover plate dropped in place. It's rare that I tow in the winter, but it's not rare to be backing through some pretty hard banks. Plastic plugs end up with the cover broken and stuffed down inside the plug itself. Doesn't happen with a slice of 3/16 steel stuck in the way. The cover just drops into the rails on the sides of the cutout.


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Pictures 14 & 15, the fuel filler cutout. There's about 4 hours involved in fabbing and installing what you see here. It will take the stock door assembly from the old factory body. Not a perfect fit, the door is slightly convex, but close enough to work. If I get hit with major doitrightitis before it's done I may make a flat door but right now I just want this thing DONE!

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Picture 16 the wheel cutouts. Had hoped to leave the skirt full depth, but the body would have had to be wider to do that. As it is it's already close to 3" wider than the cab and I didn't really want to go wider. So, spent a few hours cutting the arc and welding in a flange along the raw edge.

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Picture 17 is of the right side mounting lug for the spreader. They go through the bumper and are welded to the plates that bolt to the truck frame. Way overkill again, but if you overbuild it you only do it once.



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Picture 18 is the lights installed temporarily in the rear tower. Backup, stop and LED flasher. Between the LED's in the rear and small strobes up top on the rack, I think I'll be in pretty good shape for visibility. Alan estimates he has 80 hours labor invested at this point.



Alan's Home Made Headache Rack, on another S-10.

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91S rack shows the headache rack on my other 1991 S-10. We had similar racks on all three pickups. Perfect place to mount extra lights, the strobes are on removable bars on this design and the mesh keeps the occasional stray stick of firewood out of the back window, been there, done that too. This rack was galvanized after fabrication, it will outlast a whole mess of trucks.


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