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A new bed for an S-10.

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Pictures 8 & 9 are of the headache rack, the mesh to protect the rear window is in place, tie downs are on the braces and mounts for two self contained strobes and two more auxiliary backup lights are on. It's hard to have too many tiedown points, almost like having "too much fun". 

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Picture 10 shows a top view of the mounting plate for one of the strobes. The hole is cut for the wiring to go inside the rack tubing. There is a hole drilled in the guard bar for the mounting bolt on a tractor lamp which will go outboard of the strobe. When this is done there will be only a few inches of exposed wire going to any of the lights. The tractor lights on the bar will be wired so they can either be turned on, automatically, with the backup lights or manually and left on if you need work lights. The same goes for the tractor lights on top of the rear posts.



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Picture 11, There are also tie downs on the rear corner posts. On the left side of the post are the tracks to hold the sideboards in place. Not sure yet if they will be wood or mesh in a "picture frame". If I go wood I won't have to have cushions to keep the rattle to an acceptable level.

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Picture 12 is the rear view of the bumper, showing the hitch receiver and trailer plug shield. Rectangular cutout to the right is where the plugs for the spreader connectors and (someday) the power plug for a Snowman plow will be mounted. There's a box behind that hole which I can (hopefully) seal with Duxseal to keep water away from the plugs. Salty water, electricity and dissimilar metals makes a sure recipe for corrosion. I also found out the hard way that 12 volt DC, with the amp capacity of a good battery can make a mess when it gets loose and starts jumping across plug terminals.


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