Alan's Truck Body Build Up

Here is the build up of Alan's latest project. 
A new bed for an S-10.

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Pictures 1 & 2 are rear views of the frame, with the plate that will become the bumper and hitch. At this point Alan had cut the frame about 8" so it ended just behind the rear spring shackle. The springs had gotten two extra leaves per side also, to better to accommodate the eventual load of the 10 cu. ft. spreader which will be sitting there this winter. 

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Pictures 3 & 4 show the cross members in place and half the floor/side skirt temporarily set in place. On the left is the tower that will hold rear lights and provide a place to pivot and latch the tailgate. Lighting will be oval, grommet mounted lights with a grommet mounted round on each side (the side holes aren't cut yet) for side markers. Lighting will consist of a clear backup, combination tail and turn, and amber LED flashers. On top of each post will be a rubber "tractor" light for auxiliary backup lights. 

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In 5 both sides of the floor are in place, temporarily screwed to the cross members. At this point it makes a fine workbench if nothing else. Good close-up of the light tower also. Alan said "I don't even care to think of how many hours I put into those towers. I screwed up and ordered them 7" wide, thinking the lights were 5 1/2". WRONG! The lights are 6 1/2" so I split the face of the box and added an inch." 

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Pictures 6 & 7 are the front of the box/headache rack. The short side panel is there mostly to provide a rigid brace for the headache rack. The open area will be filled with a panel of 2" wire mesh and the horizontal top bar will get mounting points for a pair of small, self contained strobes and two more tractor lights. One of the bigger challenges is yet to be tackled, mounting the fuel filler, complete with spring loaded door. The plan is to use the original door hinge and filler neck and make a new door and mounting plates to hook everything to.

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This body was Welded together using a Millermatic 120 volt welder. Using flux core wire. The bed floor is 18 ga. steel. The floor beams are galvanized. The bed is estimated to weigh about 300 pounds. Alan said if he knew how light it would have turned out, he would have built it out of thicker materials. 

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